Why Langfield Falls is one of the easiest Gifford Pinchot National Forest hikes

For a family-friendly hike that’s short on effort and big on views, Langfield Falls is a fun way to see one of the Columbia Gorge waterfalls in southern Washington.

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA
Langfield Falls

Accessed by a well-marked, mild pathway, it only takes a few minutes to get to this towering waterfall which has a swimming area and fantastic lookout points, making this one of the best Gifford Pinchot National Forest hiking trails.

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA

Langfield Falls is located about a 25 minute drive northwest of Trout Lake. It’s named after ranger K.C. Langfield, who discovered it while working for the Mt. Adams Ranger District in the mid-1900’s. Nearby attractions include Lower Lewis River Falls, the Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument, and the hiking trails on Mt Adams.

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA

How to get to Langfield Falls

Driving on Highway 141 from Trout Lake, the trailhead for the Langfield Falls hike is just off Forest Road 88 near the Big Tire Junction and parallel to Mosquito Creek. A dirt trail leads towards the falls from the small parking lot. There are no restroom facilities on site.

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WAThe descent takes less than 10 minutes, and breaks in the trees mean the waterfall can be seen from many different vantage points along the way. About 500 feet into the walk there’s a viewpoint overlooking the falls, and a monument dedicated to K.C. Langfield.

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA

Langfield Falls is quite impressive, towering nearly 60 feet high and about 75 wide before pooling into the craggy rocks below. The spray can be felt from quite far away, so be sure to cover up your camera if you don’t want it to get wet!

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Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WA

Langfield Falls near Trout Lake WAA trail continues right down to the base of the falls, and there are fallen logs and boulders that more adventurous hikers can scamper over, or cool off in the water on a hot summer day.

Along with being of the more impressive Gifford Pinchot National Forest waterfalls, the easy access and incredible views make Langfield Falls a great choice for family-friendly Trout Lake hiking trails.



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